AF SERVICES (Gibraltar)

Technically, we're yours. We can help you with whatever technical assistance you require. Here's some of the stuff we can do:

Remote Assistance

We can remotely help with any technical issues or concerns you have. We can log straight into your PC: all you have to do is install "Teamviewer"; we'll do the rest!

Call Us For Assistance

We can offer any sort of advice and consult on what you need help with, such as network, PC, server and end user security. +350 54030229

Office Setups and Relocations

Take the headache out of your IT needs by letting us take care of it for you. Relocating to a new office, or merging? We will professionally move you and set up your systems with full logistical and facilities support.

Information Security Vulnerability Assessment

Is your business and its information safe? We can audit your IT systems and processes and produce a report highlighting any weaknesses and recommendations to secure your business.

Office 365 Cloud Migration

Replace your tired on-premise servers with an always-on secure, reliable service. Access your office emails and files anywhere and on any device. You'll save money!

IT Services and Support and Training

Your business relies on IT to function. Let us help ensure your IT protocol doesn't fail and if the unexpected happens, we'll be right there to get you up and running again. No contracts needed, just call us!

Want to say hi or find out more?

You could learn a little more about AF Services, or you could just call. We'd love to chat!

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