Is your business secure?


Is your business secure?

Gibraltar is a wonderful place. It’s virtually crime free, and everyone knows each other.

With this assurance, its easy to become complacent when it comes to securing your organisations IT systems.  But did you know that over 75% of IT security breaches come from inside the organisation. Only 16% of these internal breaches are due to malicious intent of your own employees. The rest is simply human error and mis-handling of information they have access to.

AF Services can provide you a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of your physical and logical IT security.  The report will cover:

  • Physical Security
  • Access Procedures
  • Comms Room Environment
  • Network Security
  • External Access
  • Internal Access
  • Wireless Access
  • Email
  • Organisation Servers
  • Workstation Assessment
  • Data, Logical Access and Password Policies
  • Backups, Data Retention and Disaster Recovery
  • Portable Device Policies
  • Smartphones, Laptops, Removable Media and Tablets

All reports will highlight any potential vulnerability and recommendations for action for each section.

Ask yourself, what is the cost to your business if your information is lost, or falls into the wrong hands?

From just £500, can your business afford not to be assessed?

Contact us for more information including a full report template.

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